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WATERJET Surface Preparation and Cleaning

Robotic surface preparation includes cleaning, deburring, decoring and

stripping all kind of con***inants from parts, carrier assemblies, molds, 

fixtures or engine using only water. It is environmental friendly and re-

places efficiently conventional methods such as mechanical (grinding, 

scraping), thermal (oven) and chemical (acids, detergent) processes as

well as sand or grit blasting.

The water is pressurized up to 3000 bar with a triplex plunger pump or

even 4000 bar with intensifier pumps. The robot is used to guide the 

Waterjet nozzle along the part to process. The Waterjet kinetic energy 

applied precisely provides fast, efficient and precise removals using the 

right nozzle configurations adapted to the various applications and part 


Benefits of robotic waterjet cleaning 

+ Automated process suitable for complex 3D geometric shapes

+ The process uses only tap water under pressure

+ It is a cold process which does not damage the part itself

+ Containment of the removed coating chips and process water 

+ The process can remove a wide variety of substances 

+ Replaces manual intensive dirty and dangerous cleaning works 

+ Results in a cleaner part than with other cleaning processes