ROUTER Trimming

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ROUTER Trimming

Router Trimming

DUO's robotic router trimming systemsare designed to help manufacturers cut more 

parts per hour, reducing downtime and improving the employee safety. Selecting the 

right machine configuration with proper routing tool & related process parameters per

mit to cut high quality parts at finished dimension within tight tolerances.The robot fle

xibility with its 6 axis permits to reach a part from different directions and its fast air 

moves provide faster part cycle times than 5 axis CNC will typically achieve. 

Robotic routing is a fast and efficient material separation process. The routing bit is set 

in rotation with a high-speed spindle fixed to the robot wrist.  The bit is driven through 

the part along the contour to be trimmed with up to 40,000 RPM. The router produces a 

very clean edge in plastics and composites; it can be programmed to cut through the part 

or trim the material to a predetermined depth (blind holes and pockets). 

Benefits of robotic Routing 

+Will machine easily very complex contour geometries and cut accurate holes  

+Router bits cut cleanly through thick materials without leaving burrs.

+Faster cycle time than CNC due to time savings with quick robot air moves

+Robots designed for harsh environment, better dust protection than a CNC

+Robots require virtually no maintenance as compared to CNC gantries

+A robotic cell requires much less floor space than a CNC Gantry