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Chinese what needs science to the robot industry giants?

The release date:2015-01-08

In 2013, our country industry to a new level with the purchase amount of the robot, more than 36000 units, for the first time, and to "big score" than the known as "Robot Kingdom" called the Japan, become the world's largest robotin the country of purchase. The current average world industrial robot density per million employees with 55, andChinese industrial robots using density is only per million employees 23, far lower than developed countries. If Chinareached the level of developed countries, this means that Chinese industrial robot market will be a day of classmarket. Vice president of the Dongguan robotics Association Luo Baihui said, taking into account China's labor costs rise, the robot falling prices and other factors, the expected future 10 years China's industrial robot market spacewill reach 720000000000 yuan to 1800000000000 yuan.

A domestic robot can not meet the market demand. Display Chinese robot industry alliance data statistics, in 2013China purchased and assembled near 30000 7000 industrial robots, which generally foreign robot with 6 axis or more high-end industrial robot, almost a monopoly of automobile manufacturing, welding and other high-endindustry, accounting for more than 96%. But domestic robot is mainly applied to the upper and lower material orhandling robot, in the low-end industry field.

A domestic robot there is no small gap compared with the developed countries can only be imported before robot,robot, we copy sth. without catching its spirit began to explore, but the quality and life of the product to go up not to go, the international brand awareness is not high, the basic reason lies in the lack of technology core competence.

How to break through the core components of China lack of trapped

Market Repeng conceal the embarrassment of domestic enterprises. From 2013 Chinese market industrial robotsales situation, Multi-National Corporation brand to occupy the absolute advantage, annual sales reached 27000 units, accounting for 74% of total sales. The main reason for this situation lies in the loss of the core of the robottechnology in china. It is understood, the 4 part of the core components of an industrial robot includes a robot body,a reducer, servo motor, control system, the 4 parts separately account for the total cost of 22%, 24%, 36%, 12%.Now, more than 90% of the world's precision reducer are from Japan Teijin, Harmonic companies. But in our country, about 60% of the servo motor is totally dependent on imported servo motor, especially the very high accuracy, the core components are completely heteronomy, directly pushed up our robot products production cost,reduces the product's market competitiveness, which has affected our country machine price competition ability.

The speed reducer and servo motor, domestic enterprises with the international giants are huge, Japanese enterprises in the mainstream technology of speed reducer and control field layout is very perfect, to master the keytechnology to occupy the absolute advantage, leave for competitors in the same direction of the development of space technology co.. This situation produced very big threat to the related industries in china. One is for the key technology of each patent layout, China enterprises difficult to add the key technology R & D team, it is difficult toimprove their own technical force; two is the technical strength China many enterprises is relatively weak, the majority of enterprises may be in Japanese enterprises OEM factory, influence Chinese enterprises will be more profits for research and innovation. We can learn from the Japanese counterattack America patent net strategy mode, increase the amount of peripheral patent application, surrounded by the core technology, seek to win thetechnology patent technology exchange market, to accumulate technical ability, research and development of core patented technology, finally get the core competitiveness.

In our country the patent market breakthrough has not brought the expected performance of the market. The current situation of our country, research and development strength, research, industry chain disjointed disperseddeficiency is one of the important factors. According to the report, China an application for a patent for invention is ranked in the top ten of applicants, foreign applicants for the enterprise, while the domestic applicant, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Harbin Institute of Technology, Tsinghua University, Beihang University and Zhejiang University are both the colleges and universities. Main research and development focused on scientific research institutes, not only restrict the transformation and application of scientific research results, finally also restrict technology innovation.

To promote the development of China's robot industry, policy support is also an important point. Japan has become the first big robot technology, inseparable with the support of the government. The government should establish a sound R & D and industrialization policy, the establishment of public technology platform effectively in order to strengthen research and breakthroughs in key common technology and core functional components, refining and improving the research and development and industrialization of the incentive policy.

China robot face is widening the gap risk

In the western developed countries and major companies with existing technology advantages, seize the commanding heights of industry development at the same time, the development of robot industry in our countryand foreign gap is further widening of risk.

Firstly, a new generation of intelligent robot innovation development more urgent. Although our country in theaspects of traditional robot technology R & D and industrialization has achieved initial progress, but the combinationis still very backward in the information network technology and robot technology, Internet enterprises in the development of robot technology awareness is not strong, there is no enterprises to participate in the development of technology and industrial robot, this is bound to create a technology in China robot and industry development, the gap between the developed countries and further expand.

Secondly, the foreign capital enterprise and brand occupy space robot development enterprises in china. China'srobot industry overall is still in the initial stage