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China three Institute of automation robot development level survey

The release date:2015-01-08

The robot research and development and utilization has become a hot Chinese and even the whole world. At present, the robot main manufacturers in western countries are stepping up the layout, to seize the commanding heights of technology and market.

In June 9th this year held in 2014 academician conference, General Secretary Xi Jinping had specifically mentions the development of robot industry, and expressed his "concern": China will become the largest market for robots, but our technology and manufacturing capacity can not deal with this competition? We not only need to improve the level of our robot to go up, and to as much as possible to occupy the market.

The general secretary's speech and remarks, pointed out a new direction for the development of China robot industry. For the world of technology, industry, particularly in power, but the pressure multiplier. In late June, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Dean Bai Chunli in the inspection of the CAS Shenyang Institute of automation is also pointed out that, the robot industry development implication of new opportunities, robot technology and new materials technology, biotechnology and further combined will lead to the rapid development of the emerging field of.

In a fairly long period of time, the Chinese Academy of Sciences is always "the birthplace and the cradle Chinese manufacturing" robot, the CAS Shenyang Institute of automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of automation, Hefei Institute of Physical Science.CAS, Chongqing green intelligent technology research institute...... A large number of Research Institute of industrial robots, service robots, underwater robot fields gexianshenshou, the achievements.

The development level of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to robot manufacturing? What are the technical innovation and market application? A few days ago, "Chinese Science News" reporter visited the robot to engage in R & D Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences about.

Shenyang Institute of automation: the cradle Chinese robot

The latest data display of the International Federation of robotics, China purchases in 2013 global sales of industrial robots is 1/5, for the first time in history than the technique using known in japan. Due to the rising economic upgrading and transition China artificial cost, industrial robot needs is increasing with hitherto unknown speed. Speaking of the robot, can not fail to mention the Chinese Academy of Sciences; Chinese Academy of Sciences about robot R & D, not to mention Shenyang Institute of automation, and mentioned "Shen from," Jiang Xinsong Chinese Academy of engineering is a key figure.

From the beginning of 1980 as the CAS Shenyang Institute of automation director for 14 years, Jiang Xinsong has been committed to the cause of China's automation. Especially in the robot research, application and industrialization, whether the robot, industrial water, or special robot, he made a series of groundbreaking achievements, which is known as "the father of China robot".

"He is our robot pioneer, is also the founder of Institute of automation robot research. Just because there are a number of such explorer, make our robot R & D level and industrialization level in domestic always keep count as one of the very best position." The Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shenyang Institute of automation of deputy director Sang Zigang introduces to the reporter that "science" Chinese report.

In July, is located in the northeast of the Shenyang climate. In the exhibition hall, "Chinese Science News" reporter saw a every kind of robot show. Height of less than half a meter "lizard" robot like mini tanks, there is a large claw, rely on two crawler, it is a kind of special anti-terrorism and anti riot robot, can use the manipulator and a multifunctional tool kit, close to the suspected explosives for processing, the climbing angle can reach 43 degrees, through cable, cable free two ways of operation.

"Since 2002, the robot has been in the public security and armed police force into the more than 60 sets, all over the country more than 20 provinces and autonomous regions. It has independent intellectual property rights of all." Sang Zigang introduction.

Looks like the first side to the brain, there are two yellow caterpillar robot, in scientific research personnel's operation can be realized under free deformation: the two track later merged into one row, turned into two lines, while the head stand up "D" shape, looks quite Transformers expression.

"This is our R & D of ruins search deformable robot, it can according to the environment and change its configuration, to adapt the earthquake ruins. It can use the infrared camera, sound sensor to carry their own, the ruins of the internal situation in real time back to the console." Sang Zigang said, this kind of ruins search robot used for the first time in the field Sichuan Lushan earthquake relief, helped the national earthquake emergency rescue team to complete many ruins and dangerous life searching investigation and disaster survey task, effectively improve the efficiency of search and rescue operations.

The underwater glider, a small autonomous remote underwater robot, deep-sea research type underwater robot...... In Shenyang Institute of automation of the underwater robot test area, the reporter saw a live demonstration more robot. They may seem to have no we imagine that the human shape appearance, still can detect acoustic hydrology, under water, complete the investigation and handling of the expedition and some marine accidents.

Let the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shenyang Institute of automation, pride, and the Institute of industrial robot. Mobile robot of their research and development (AGV) series of products to occupy our country automobile assembly line for most of the market, related products continue to export USA and other foreign markets, "even when the 2008 financial crisis, the export volume of industrial robots we are constantly