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The robot, where the pipeline​ of women?

The release date:2015-01-08

Assembly workers on the assembly line, monotonous and boring, day in and day out, "new weekly" evaluation ofthis kind of life is: 2 hours can see life. But it is the life and growth in nature of labor, and constantly create Chinamyth in the manufacturing sector, wind point, they and Jobs together to change the world, but also to let the NBA players every game to wear a new pair of shoes.

Once an American female writer, in the coastal areas of China Research for about two years, completed a film called "working girl" realistic novels in the 2008 book, caused a sensation. The novel is set in Dongguan City, tells the story of a few girls go out work experience, the book conveys positive energy full, belongs to the inspirationalChicken Soup for the soul, become the spiritual pillar of large coastal women survive, but as the writer Yu Hua said,compared with the real, the absurd novels really pale into insignificance. "Working girl" the hero almost omnipotent,through the struggle and live a ideal life, just like the TV series shot, out of a "ten years" of the title, the girl with a house and a car, a husband have children, and even played the male friend type is ambiguous.

But the real truth is, they will face extremely complex survival environment, is the lack of belonging to these girls rise channel, they think the final assembly of 20000 intelligent mobile phone, can be promoted to length, but reluctantly found newly graduated students simply do not do any assembly work, will be able to move into management, the isChinese society, respect education place a few.

With the anti vice office purge, Dongguan became the 200000 girls go back to home, they are part of a back home:before do chicken, now is to marry chicken; another part back to the assembly workshop, with pipeline non-stopwork, in a position of about 0.75m churning their bitter life:

Some enterprises using piecework system, so the girls active compression time to rest, like tightening of theclockwork machinery hard work, but because the body is too tired, efficiency is reduced, the total is still not satisfactory, revenue will not increase; the night is the most difficult for young people to look at the table, each timeonly had less than two minutes, material flow line from the left, through their own simple processing, and continuously to the right, the only consolation is that they never need to think, as long as we can in accordance with the customs engineering staff guidance, to complete a simple assembly action.

Assembly workers on the assembly line, monotonous and boring, day after day, "new weekly" evaluation of this kind of life is: 2 hours can see life. But it is this endless work, continue to create the Chinese manufacturing industrymyth, cool sense, they and Jobs together to change the world, but also to let the NBA players every game to wear a new pair of shoes. We to this group with respect and fear the attitude, but also with compassion, more complex emotion, development from science and technology, the birth of the robot, so that a large number of girls releasedfrom monotonous repetition work, but also means they are unemployed.

Robot, assembly workers Terminator?

The development of science and technology, has never been done independently, while science and technologystrides forward, will be involved in human nature, and before the solution of problem of human nature, science and technology is not the way of their transformation, as "the terminator series, every time out to get tip machine means the person, all and human nature.

Talking about China's manufacturing, assembly workers talked, talked about the mechanical arm and Robot will not open around the foundry king Foxconn, it is like a microcosm of society of China to a certain extent the huge system, hierarchical, base and top significant boundaries, more important is, Fuji Yasushiya is in a key period of transformation the most specific, a task is "use machinery to replace the manual". In fact, as early as in 2011,President Terry Gou called "creating millions of robot" plan, but in four years time, the robot to grow faster thanwages rose slowly.

The amount of iPhone6 prenatal, they still want to add 100000 people to meet delivery requirements, moreawkward is, these 90 employees every two months will make some troubles for the management of Foxconn. In order to clean up the mess, Terry Gou paid a huge cost, is not only the spiritual and emotional cost, more realmoney. Allegedly every Foxconn Park, have a large number of leisure facilities, a basketball court, library, swimming pool, Internet cafes, business street of everything, the purpose of these resources is the most direct to the ordinary staff, to relax after work one day, temporarily forget the monotony of flowing water line.

Indeed, we admire president Guo's courage and warmth, but also have to face, the "million robot" has made sometechnology media labeled "annual unfinished plan" tag. Perhaps, this can not be simply attributed to technical and financial problems, but more about the system, culture and human nature.

First of all, in 2011, Fuji Yasuzheng is in the teeth of the storm, who can stand on the moral high ground to criticizethe staff management system, indulge in elaborating on some of the more extreme events. Good at mediatingoverall Terry Gou, at the appropriate time to something good is very natural thing: furthermore, by now China robotmanufacturing level, can only meet some of the most basic