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The robot industry look forward to "someone in the eyes"

The release date:2015-01-08

"With the demographic dividend slumped and labor costs rise, some simple, repetitive, heavy and high pollution industry is the need of industrial robots replace. It is expected, China will become the world's industrial robot the biggest demand market in 2014. While China's industrial robots enterprises should grasp this opportunity, and constantly improve the key technology, after-sales service, the price to win more market share of industrial robot."Guangzhou CNC chairman He Minjia was founded in the first session of the general assembly, China robot industry alliance says.

Recently, the robot industry backbone enterprises and institutions, combined with registered in China by the ChinaMachinery Industry Federation of the universities and research institutes in more than 70, after nearly 1 years ofefforts, finally initiated jointly established China robot industry alliance, which officially launched the newdevelopment of our robot industry.

The robot is a set of control theory and information technology, sensing technology, machinery and electronics,artificial intelligence, material and bionics and many other disciplines in one high-tech products, high-tech equipment is irreplaceable in advanced manufacturing industry. As an important symbol to measure a country's level of industrial automation, robotics industry attracts more and more attention all over the world. American, European Union, Japan, South Korea and other major economies, will have the development of robot industry rises for national strategy, and regard it as an important way to maintain and regain the manufacturing industry, service industry competition advantage. China started to develop the industrial robot in 1972, and 2006 will be the intelligent service robot included in the national long-term technology development plan, released in 2012 special planningservice robot technology development "1025".

International Industrial Robot Association statistics show that from 2008 to 2012, China's average annual amount ofindustrial robots installed about 15000 Taiwan, 2012 new installed capacity of 24800 taiwan. The industrial robot industry after 20 years of development, the basic realization of the introduction to the change from test, independent development. It is expected that in 2015 China robot, demand will reach 35000 units, accounting for 16.9% of the global market, it has become the largest robotics market.

Our industrial robot industry is mainly distributed in the northeast region and the Yangtze River Delta and other places. The northeast is the domestic old industrial base, is the earliest engaged in industrial robot production area.The main enterprises such as Shenyang SIASUN robotic company, Harbin Boshi automation equipment, Haierhagongda robot technology company.

The Yangtze River Delta is China's automobile manufacturing industry, electronics manufacturing enterprisesconcentrated, but also an important robotic automation company concentration. In addition to gather in Shanghaiinternational giant ABB, FANUC (FANUC), YASKAWA (Yaskawa), Germany KUKA (KUKA) companies, domestic enterprises have also made the Shanghai Fuan factory automation, Mechatronics Engineering Center in Shanghai,Shanghai grandar robotics, Anhui Jianghuai automation equipment company, Anhui AIFUTE Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. and other enterprises.

The Pearl River Delta after nearly 30 years of development, and gradually formed a manufacturing base to a labour intensive, light industry, assembly processing industry mainly provides the soil for growth, large-scale applications for industrial robots. According to statistics, the Pearl River Delta region of the annual growth rate has reached 30%~ 60%, especially in the assembly, dispensing, transportation, welding and other industrial fields are widely used. At present, HUAWEI, ZTE, BYD, Guangzhou lite and other enterprises have been introduced into the productionworkshop of industrial robot.

It is reported, China has mastered the basic design of the robot operating machine manufacturing, control system hardware and software design technology, kinematics and trajectory planning of robot technology, production ofsome key components, developed a painting, welding, spot welding, assembly, handling robot. But the industrialrobot technology in our country and its engineering application level and foreign than there is still a certain gap,mainly reflected in: look from the number, ownership in China robot only is Japan's 1/5, the United States and Germany about 1/3; from the robot density (million employees use the machine number) of view, South Korea is 347, Japan is 339, Germany is 261, while China is only 21, the gap is very obvious. Application fields are confined to the automobile, machinery processing, electronics, logistics limited range. Not only that, in the product reliability,accuracy is also lower than the foreign products; lack of independent innovation, many technical aspects ofresidence in the generic level, the key components of dependence on imports, especially in high performance AC servo motor and high precision reducer the gap is particularly evident; in the processing technology, heat treatment technology of weak domestic manufacturers, direct influence the control accuracy of industrial robots.

Face this kind of situation, China Machinery Industry Federation President Wang Ruixiang called: "the robot industryas the leading industry of strategic emerging industries, in promoting machinery industry transformation and upgrading, improve the overall quality and benefit and core competitiveness, has an important position and role,industry needs to constantly enhance the sense of historical responsibility of the development of robot industry."

At the inauguration of China robot industry alliance, the personage inside course of study how to promote the rapid development of industry in the industry proposal, realistic basis and conditions, our government and enterprises should join forces to promote the industrial robot industry development. The government level, we should accelerate the construction of industrial system, regulate the development of the industry in order to speed up the constructionof internal force; within the industry, business model innovation, key breakthrough in select markets, expand the scale of industry based on drive industrialization to hair