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China's vast market demand for industrial robot

The release date:2015-01-08

The average life expectancy of 10 years is estimated according to the robot, the robot in 2013 China retains the quantity of about 130000 units, accounting for the world industrial robots to maintain the volume of about 5%, 310000 in the ownership is still smaller than Japan in 2012, 140000 Taiwan 160000 Taiwan and South Korea America, Germany, ranking fifth in the world. According to the present situation of the industrial robot sales Compound annual growth of 36%, Japan's annual compound growth rate of 4% to calculate, China industrial robot quantity in 2017 is expected to surpass Japan reached the world first. In every 1000 people have robot the indicators, our country every 1000 people only 23, less than 1/10 of Japan, with the world average of 55 also has a larger gap. From this perspective, China's industrial robot market demand is still vast.

Laser cutting as the advanced processing technology, has a There is nothing comparable to this role in the industrial robot manufacturing process.

Industrial robot application of laser cutting

Laser cutting are widely used in mechanical processing industry, to improve product quality, improve labor productivity, reduce processing costs, reduce material consumption plays a more and more important role. With the development of high power fiber laser optical fiber transmission in the market, and constantly improve the positioning accuracy of industrial robots, laser cutting using industrial robots, is a major focus of robot application field and current field of laser cutting.

CIMES2014 in the exhibition, this application is also widely spread, laser cutting system is an innovation of the laser generator is fixed and a robot motion sequence binding, by directing a laser beam device is completely integrated in the robot arm, which requires the robot arm, flexibility and high precision, the most typical is the TX90L Shi Tao Bill laser cutting robot, the laser beam to the TX90L operation of the robot as the center. In the accurate manipulator control, moving a laser beam on the workpiece. When the contour tracking of the robot of the workpiece, laser beam cutting work, achieve the effect of. Six axis robots TX90L robot is of high accuracy, high flexibility, path repeat precision is very high, but in the effective load of provisions, the occupied space is small.

Domestic laser cutting market situation

In 2013 the laser cutting machine market or generally between 4%~10%, which imported brands of laser cutting machine or generally at about 10%, or even higher. In operating income growth in the case of raw material prices, labor costs and rising of many macroeconomic factors greatly increased the burden on enterprises management. Now our country macroeconomic environment has become the main reason affecting the laser cutting machine market changes. From a long-term trend, China's economy is still in a period of adjustment, or "second wheel to adjust the growth period". Without the formation of a new uptrend, periodic, periodic adjustments have not yet in place. Adjustment is not in place includes two meanings: one is the economic growth is not the end; the two is the adjustment of economic structure are far from being complete, and even can be said to have just begun.


The domestic capacity and laser cutting of many enterprises, golden laser and other companies now have the use of industrial robot body as object motion control. Laser cutting robot not only has the characteristics of flexible robot flexible motion, high cutting speed, but also has a laser cut fast, good quality, narrow kerf and other advantages, is good to meet the requirements of the development of modern manufacturing industry. In the Android market continued to rise in the background, as an essential part of the robot in the manufacturing process of laser cutting market is promising, and join the laser cutting robot this combination of innovation, domestic laser cutting a road winning rise.